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About Us

ilios is more than a name; quite simply, it reflects in one word our conscious incorporation of the cosmic sciences of both East and West. ilios references the Greek and Near Eastern concept of the sun; an all-seeing witness who drives his celestial chariot across the sky shedding light on the stars while wearing a twelve-spoked crown representing each zodiac sign. In Plato’s Republic, The Sun is symbolic of the ideas of the Good and coming together. We strive to live up to our namesake in the connections we help to create and to the good that we help to do in the world.

Dr. Christa Kuberry

Chief Executive Officer

Christa is ambitious and wholehearted about developing and sharing ilios as a dating app with consciousness at the forefront. Her background as a yoga and wellness executive and educator, as well as her personal experience on dating apps bring a commitment to innovating the dating app experience by providing an Eastern and Western data-backed platform for deeper personal understanding, interpersonal connection, local community engagement, and global conscious capitalism.

Marion Mariathasan

Board Member

Marion has 20 years of software and business experience with Fortune 1000 companies and startups. His titles include CEO, founder, and board member of multiple companies that vary from tech, tequila to THC. His experience has made him an expert in the start-up space and in social entrepreneurship; even serving as an honorary delegate for the United Nations/UNF Global Accelerator Initiative – a distinction only given to some of the top 100 social entrepreneurs from around the world. Prior to venturing out as an entrepreneur, Marion spent several of his early years sharpening his product, software and management skills through his time at Cerner Corporation, Goldman Sachs, Orbitz and LaGarde.

Alain Bankier

Board Member

Alain is an entrepreneur, investor and advisor to a variety of early stage private and public companies, with over 30 years of finance, M&A, restructuring and management experience. Alain was the co-founder and CEO of a turn around group which acquired the Manischewitz Company, subsequently sold to Bain & Company in 2014. He was also Head of Corporate Finance at BNP Paribas, following the acquisition of his boutique Corporate Finance company. Alain is also the Co-founder of New York Angels, one of the leading early stage investment groups in the US. Alain has a BS in Economics from The Wharton School and a BA in Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania. He also has an MBA from NYU Stern and from HEC Paris.

Nargis Fakhri

Chief Creative Officer

Nargis is a Hollywood and Bollywood actress, entrepreneur, and influencer with almost ten million followers on social media. She has starred in award-winning films, graced the covers of top magazines and has been the face of top international brands. She is also a motivational speaker and philanthropist who continues to make appearances across the globe working with passion.

Trevor Holmes

Co-founder and Chief Influence Officer

Trevor is a singer/songwriter who has appeared on American Idol (top 40) and was one of the stars on the reality tv show, The Bachelor Presents: Listen To Your Heart. He has also been an avid user of dating apps where he is often the most “viewed” and “swiped” profile, serving as the first and only Mr. Bumble. Trevor is also an influencer who currently serves as the face of Jack Daniels. He believes astrology is a needed component in the dating scene and says over 90% of his first dates ask the question of “what sign are you?”