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Best Elemental Match for Every Kind of Aries

Aries are enthusiastic partners who thrive in a new relationship. Their bold personality and taste for adventure can make for a whirlwind romance, but only if the restless ram has a willing date ready to tag along. So, what signs are the best matches for Aries?

Let’s look to the elements for an answer. The four elements (Fire, Earth, Air, Water) categorize the signs, with three signs per element. These associations provide insight into a sign’s overall vibe. Extremely important when it comes to new relationships. What do the elements tell us about Aries? As a fire sign, Aries is driven and spontaneous.

By using the elements as a starting point, we can better identify which of the corresponding signs is the best match for Aries!


Leo and Aries might be the hottest couple in the zodiac. The two action-oriented fire signs fuel each other’s wild ideas. Leo is down for a good time, but also enjoys being adored. This comes naturally for an attracted Aries who loves to shower their partner with affection. For as much as these two have in common, Leo luckily doesn’t share the same competitive nature. They are more than happy to share the limelight and let Aries shine. The “act first, think second” mentality shared by both signs will certainly keep things from getting stale. Aries and Leo will never fall into a boring routine. This is especially true in the bedroom.


A stable and supportive Taurus is the perfect counterbalance to an active Aries. A fixed earth sign has the followthrough to finish whatever a cardinal sign has started. Dream big, Aries, and Taurus will be there to make your dreams a reality. Dedicated and nurturing, Taureans love to make their partner feel special. Perfect for an Aries who likes to be the center of attention. People with prominent Taurus energy are interested in trying new things but also know exactly what they like. This won’t be a problem so long as Aries understands that their next adventure should have a degree of comfort and plenty to eat. All that running around is going to be difficult on an empty stomach for a food-loving Taurus.


Aries and Gemini are the kind of couple that other couples want to date. These social butterflies will dazzle any room and are often the life of the party. They will never run out of things to talk about or stories to share. Adventurous Aries is furiously supported by a Gemini who is constantly in search of experience and knowledge. There’s a natural reason as to why this pairing works so well. Aries and Gemini form a sextile to each other, meaning there is an inherent sense of harmony between the two. Even still, the best matches require care and attention. Gemini’s large social circle might intimidate a competitive Aries. Make sure to instill confidence in your commitment.


Water and fire may seem like complete opposites, but not quite. Put these two together and things can get steamy real quick. Cancer and Aries are both cardinal signs interested in new beginnings. This similarity bridges their elemental differences, forging a unique bond. They understand each other’s approach to life but go about instigating in entirely different ways. This can lead to miscommunication if the two signs don’t take advantage of an exciting learning opportunity. Guarded Cancer may take some time to truly trust an Aries who is quick to jump from one thing to the next. Once that trust is earned, however, the two signs will find a solid foundation for lasting love.

Researched and Written by Sierra Carlson for ilios.

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