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Ring In the Astrological New Year

This Saturday, March 20th, is the Spring Equinox. When the sun crosses the celestial equator and day catches up to night. Spring is here. The sun will rise earlier every morning and set later every evening. The snow will melt away and new life will break from the soil, climbing toward sunlight. It’s a joyous day that not only welcomes a new meteorological season but a new astrological year! March 20th will mark the start of Aries season and the beginning of the zodiac.

Aries is a born leader and radiates restlessness. No wonder they are the first sign of the zodiac and aligned with the first house. First is just a natural fit for the pioneer Aries. Innovative and courageous, this introductory fire sign blazes the trail forward, through the unknown, and undoubtedly toward greatness. If there is one thing I’ve learned from all the Aries folk in my life, it’s that self-centered isn’t always a bad thing. It’s okay to prioritize yourself, your wants, and your needs. As all signs move through the equinox, let energizing Aries fuel the transition.

The Spring Equinoxstart ushers in new life and March 20th is a chance to plant something worth nurturing. Life will always find a way, but it needs guidance and care to flourish. Plant something this Saturday, literally or metaphorically. We talk a lot about setting intentions or goal-oriented practices to optimize liminal spaces, but this is less about accomplishment. Planting a seed is making a commitment to tend. Maybe it’s a renewed commitment to a relationship, a meditation routine that only strengthens the more you practice, or some simple basil. The best seeds to plant and nurture are those that will eventually feed you in return.

Just as we welcome the new, we must bid farewell to the old. Nothing says “goodbye winter” quite like spring cleaning. I’m not embarrassed to say this is my absolute FAVORITE equinox tradition, spring or fall. I love getting rid of clutter. I’ve been called ruthless by many friends who have asked me to help them purge, but they asked for my help because I’m ruthless. Drop anything that’s not serving you like a ton of bricks. I promise you’ll feel lighter after you get rid of anything, or anyone, that’s taking up valuable real estate. Remember what Aries season is all about. ME ME ME. Make sure your space is also your sanctuary.

The start of a new year is always optimistic, and the world could certainly use a little optimism these days. I say, let yourself be excited! Plan a trip, even if you don’t know when you might be able to travel. Write a bunch of destinations down on scraps of paper and store them in a box for later. Start a household project, I know you already have something in mind. You’re not done yet. In fact, you’re just getting started. Aries season is about to set this world on fire. Make like a Phoenix and rise!

Researched and Written by Sierra Carlson for ilios.

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