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The First Full Moon of 2021 is a Call for Reflection

New years start off with resolutions and a lot of us have a love hate relationship with this practice. New year resolutions are often imbued with a success/failure mindset. These self-imposed expectations rarely survive the first month, let alone the whole year. Do yourself a favor and ditch the “new year, new me.” If you’re looking to set lasting intentions, I suggest you check in with the lunar cycle. Try “new moon, new goals.”

If the lunar cycle gifts a new moon as the starting line, then the full moon is our checkpoint. A place to rest and reflect before the waning moon pulls us toward a conclusion. Don’t rush past this moment. Take the opportunity to ask questions of yourself and the world around you. Am I meeting my intentions? Are my intentions meeting me? It’s been a turbulent year already and you might be thinking about your goals a little differently. That’s okay. The moon is gracious and a new one is right around the corner.

The first full moon on January 28 is a reminder to look back. A reflection practice looks to the past and provides the tools to help move forward. This activity mirrors the energy of the lunar cycle. I personally journal in my reflection practice, exploring both my joys and fears with positive inquiry. Maybe meditation is more your bag, or a thoughtful walk communing with nature. Maybe you just take this moment to breathe. Tap into the moon’s energetic highpoint with whatever method best serves you.

Sometimes referred to as the Wolf Moon, January 28 is also a great time to communicate with your pack. Check in with others the same way you check in with yourself. Pandemic life is isolating and it’s easy to forget that we need to socialize. Reach out for connection and communication. Journaling is great but activating language with another person offers its own rewards. You’ll be amazed at what discoveries are made through dialogue rather than monologue.

January’s full moon is in Leo and squares off against Aquarius, but all signs can expect heightened sensitivity during this lunation. The moon is the ruler of emotions. As it peaks, we overflow. Don’t try to suppress the rising tide. Think of this heightened sensitivity like a superpower amplifying everything that’s been bubbling under the surface of your body, spirit, heart, and mind. The glowing full moon sheds a powerful light. Don’t look away from what it reveals.

Researched and Written by Sierra Carlson for ilios.

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